Simple & Easy for Cashier

Swipe Card Login

In order to check in an Employee, they have to swipe the card registered.
Used for quick employee logins.
Employee Login Card swipe features enables business owners to keep better track of their employees.

Multiple Payment Methods

Supports multiple modes of payment like Cash, Knet, Visa & Master etc.
It even supports split payments like half in cash and half in credit card.
Customize-able payment type.

Colorful Buttons & Shortcuts

Every Items have colorful Buttons so cashier can identify the items quickly and easily.
Every Items can be assigned an images to identify the items quickly.
Shortcut Keys buttons are created for easily identify at rush hours.

Product With Images

Search Items with images for fast Billing.
You Can Sort your categories as per your daily use

Day Closing With Ease

Quick View of Day Close Report
View Sales Totals between any times.
Quickly see your stock of every items.

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