Casey Anthony’s Life Now, Over ten years After Daughter Caylee Vanished

A decade ago, on December 11, 2008, the keeps of only a little brown-haired woman, Caylee Anthony, had been found in a very trash bag in a wooded area in Orlando, Florida. The kid, who had been final seen alive in June of this year and reported missing in July, could have turned 36 months old that August had she lived.

Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony, had been charged into the instance, however in 2011 was discovered not guilty of first-degree murder. She served a quick amount of time in jail on associated misdemeanor counts then was launched. Nevertheless, years later on, desire for her life stays high.

A&E Real Crime checks in on which Casey Anthony is around, the connection along with her parents and buddies, her appropriate status as well as other lingering questions regarding the situation.

What exactly is Casey doing now? Casey, 32, life in South Florida in the house of Patrick McKenna, a personal detective whom ended up being the lead investigator on her behalf protection group. She works for him as a researcher.

Based on individuals mag, she actually is dating and may be turning over having another kid.

“For a very long time she was like ‘no way,’ a supply told the mag. “But time changed that and she’s now available to it you might say she’sn’t been before.”

Is she nevertheless in contact with her moms and dads? Casey’s relationship with moms and dads George and Cindy Anthony is rocky and it is constantly evolving. Current reports suggest that Casey is sometimes in touch with her mom, Cindy, although not together with her daddy, George. In November 2018, George had been really hurt in an automobile crash in Florida, and Casey apparently had no intends to contact him. Nevertheless, in A january 2019 television meeting, george unveiled casey had, in reality, reached out to him after their accident to observe how he had been. He additionally stated her, “I forgive her. that he would like to rekindle a relationship with his daughter and tell”

Are her friends that are old experience of her? As far as previous roomie Cameron Campana, 31, is aware, none of those whom lived with Casey before Caylee went lacking speak to her still. He informs A&E Real Crime the time that is last saw Casey was in court during her May 2011 test.

“Nobody has heard she was arrested,” says Campana, who at the time was living in an Orlando apartment with three fellow music-business students at Full Sail University, including Casey’s boyfriend at the time, Tony Lazzaro from her since. Casey relocated in using them a couple of months before Caylee vanished.

“We were just four dudes likely to university, after which unexpectedly we had been into the biggest situation since O.J.,” says Campana, whom now lives in Cleveland and states he’s nevertheless sometimes in contact with one other roommates.

The thing that was Caylee like? The girl that is little periodically at their apartment and Campana once babysat her whenever Casey sought out to supper.

“She ended up being really smart,” he says. “Very energetic. She liked to talk and dance around and bang on a drum pad.”

She additionally liked the Pink Panther cartoon and enjoyed swimming within the apartment complex’s pool, he states.

The thing that was Casey like? She had been “very extroverted and outbound” and appeared as if an attentive and engaged mother, in accordance with Campana. “She would do flash cards with (Caylee),” he claims. “She ended up being constantly super loving and super protective.”

It stunned the roommates if they discovered Caylee have been lacking for a but Casey had not reported it month. “It really was a surprise as soon as the authorities told us he says because she seemed like such a good mother.

Searching right right back in the full days Caylee had been lacking, Casey never ever appeared distraught or upset. “She didn’t look like any such thing had been wrong,” he says. beautiful asian women “She remained the exact same.”

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