About Us

Whatever the size of your business, Ezi-Pos system can help you to take control over your business operations, streamlining processes and making it more efficient. The result is increased productivity, which in turn leads to profitability and it enables you to speed more time developing the business.

Ezi-Pos software runs on a variety of computer hardware’s and network configuration, typically using a database as an information. Ezi-Pos provides high quality services in three main sectors: Restaurants & Cafe, Salon & Spa, and Small Business & Retailers. i.e. Any kind of business which require software for managing stock and inventory.


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We also helps a standalone food outlet to a large food chain manage functions like Billing, CRM, Inventory Control, Recipe and Wastage management, Centralized Menu Management, Vendor Management and more. Real-time mobile reporting helps a restaurant owner keep a close watch on his business.